East Texas horse with overgrown hooves rescued

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HENDERSON COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas horse whose hooves were severely overgrown has been rescued and is in the SPCA's care now. The horse was found off an oil lease road in Henderson County. A truck driver noticed its condition and alerted the SPCA of East Texas.

The SPCA of East Texas knew the gelding needed help, but first we had to find him.

"Just one of these people that come into this world loving them and always had one seems like," said Loy Alexander, a horse farrier.

The drizzly, muddy conditions did not make it easy, but they finally spotted him and moved in. They call him "Tony the Pony". He is about 7-8 years old and very sweet-natured.

Unfortunately, it appears his hooves have never been trimmed, but he can still walk. Alexander says that is what he has grown accustomed to.

"He's got to pick his feet up a lot further," said Alexander. "He's got to not trip over those long toes so it's like a clown having long shoes on."

At that point, there was only one way to help, and Alexander had his work cut out for him.

Whittling away at the overgrown hooves was a tedious task, but necessary.

"We cut away what we safely can cut away," explained Alexander. "Out on the range where the mustangs live there's no farriers and they run 20 miles or more a day so they keep them worn off and broken off and trimmed themselves and that's what the good Lord designed to be but in a domesticated state, there's no way these animals can go that far."

Tony's owners were served with a seizure warrant Wednesday. Now, thanks to the rescue, he will be able to have some relief and soon a love home.

The SPCA of East Texas says a hearing is scheduled next Wednesday to determine Tony's custody.

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