Possibly doped up driver out on bond

Jerlene Boyd was released from Smith County jail, Thursday night. Photo Source: Smith County
Jerlene Boyd was released from Smith County jail, Thursday night. Photo Source: Smith County
Jake Ross witnessed the fatal crash
Jake Ross witnessed the fatal crash

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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Jerlene Boyd, 50, was released from Smith County jail, Thursday night on $3,000 bond.  She was arrested on drug possession and theft-by-check charges, after Thursday's fatal accident on South Broadway.

It happened at the intersection of south Broadway and Heritage, near the Carmike movie theater. Police say Robert Dane Bass, 55, of Plano died on immediately on-scene.  Boyd was taken to a local hospital.

"Smoke, car parts...parts everywhere, bumpers here," said witness, Jake Ross.

Tyler Police spent the afternoon cleaning up the mangled mess left behind. Ross says he was sitting at a light, further down the road when a Boyd's green Nissan flew by.

"She went around to the right of the vehicles at Cumberland," said Don Martin, with Tyler Police. "We don't know what the reason for that was."

Officer Martin says a Tyler police officer was running radar and clocked Boyd's car at high rate of speed. That officer tried to catch up to her to pull her over.

"Due to the weather conditions and traffic, he turned his lights off," said Martin. "As he came over the hill here, that's when he saw cars flying."

Ross saw exactly what the officer saw. A man in this white Camry had just slowed down to wait for the light to change. The speeding car plowed into him from behind, sending him flying, flipping from the road into a utility box. The car finally came to a rest, upside down on the side of the road.

"[The speeding driver] remarkably walked away from the wreck, got out [and] walked away without help," said Ross.

She was taken to a nearby hospital.

"Somebody got a call today, saying, 'Hey, we need you to come ID a body,'" said Ross. "I wouldn't have wanted that call today."

Police say they also found evidence of alcohol in Boyd's car.  Martin tells us police also found marijuana in her purse. She could be facing DWI and involuntary manslaughter charges.

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