Crockett senior residents mourn empty porches

By Jena Johnson - email

CROCKETT, TX (KTRE) - Wind chimes and patio tables. Deemed "contraband" by the owner of Crockett Manor Senior Apartment Complex.

The apartment's manager says the decorations are considered "hazardous" to its residents.

Carolyn Adams says the simple things in life are now tucked away in her home.

"My little birdhouse had my eggs in it and it broke my heart because they're still in it and the mama can't get to it now," Adams said.

Wind chimes and small patio tables are now all considered contraband by the property owner.

"I looked out and they were taking it down their self and I walked out and they said we can't have nothing hanging here anymore," Adams said.

Tossed into a closet, Seeders says her "treasures" were taken down and placed into a closet.

"I collect ladybugs and my mother gave me a few items that she thought I would like," Seeders said. "This was a wind chime that she jerked down off the roof."

That's not all.

"A plant holder that's actually got dirt in it that I was going to put a plant into and since it was empty she threw it up here too," Seeders said.

"I'm sad because the plants are something that brings a great deal of joy to me," Polly Lincoln said.

Lincoln says that joy is gone.

The property's manager said hanging plants are considered hazardous to the residents' safety.

"It's ridiculous the sun can't even get at them on the porch here," Lincoln said. "The sun can't even get at it. It's like you mine as well just throw the whole thing out."

Without the sound of wind chimes, life is dull for Richard Hall.

"It's like losing a friend, a neighbor, a loved one because they're just chimes, I understand that, but to me it makes the day go by faster," Hall said.

To the residents, these decorations told a story about their life.

"So we come home to a dead apartment complex," Seeders said. "Nothing, nothing familiar to our family."

It's little things these seniors say makes a house a home. And without their knickknacks, it's just a place to sleep.

The apartment's manager tells us she was instructed to remove the porch decorations yesterday. She says it's a safety hazard during high winds or a hurricane.

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