69 Year Old Cowboy At Gladewater Rodeo

Many bull riders owe their lives to a group of men who most often go unnoticed at rodeos, the clowns and barrel men. Rick Young is a barrel man, a remarkable accomplishment at the age of 69. Think of it in these terms, a bull rider may be in the arena for no more than 30 seconds at most... barrel men and bullfighters stay in for every ride with one goal. Through countless injuries over a 44 year career, Young has accepted the risks of his profession and the value of his work has been recognized. Young has been voted PRCA barrel man of the year five times, but didn't get the first honor until after he was 50. He'll be the barrel man at the Gladewater Round-up Rodeo for the next three nights during the bull riding competition.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.