Two Suspects Busted for Alleged Drug Manufacturing and Possession

It took two weeks and two Smith County armored vehicles to bust up an alleged drug operation in northern Smith County.

"We fired tear gas into the location," says Sheriff J.B. Smith. "And we took it without anybody getting hurt."  Sheriff J.B. Smith called for the heavy vehicles, because evidence showed more than drugs were in the mobile home.  "We know there had been and individual there with explosives," says Smith. "There were firearms on the scene."

Once inside, investigators say they found 43-year-old Tommy Pope and 26-year-old Eva Emmert, plus 400 grams of ecstasy, and over two pounds of meth in liquid form. Drug dogs also hit on several spots, possible drug paraphernalia.

"It was all over the place," says Sheriff smith. "There is paraphernalia inside the trailer itself and outside."

Right now, the Smith County Sheriff's Department doesn't know exactly how much drugs they've found and it could be number of days before the lab is able to give them a total weight on the meth they've found, so they can get a dollar amount on the drug bust. "it was a very hazardous location a very explosive atmosphere," says Sheriff Smith.

Here's why jumper cables provided electricity, possibly illegally. And there was more evidence, dangerous drug chemicals may have leaked into a nearby creek.

"We've notified the electric company and we've also notified the EPA," says Sheriff Smith.

Now neighbors hope this lazy county road which they say has been high traffic of late will be quiet after the drug arrests.

Dana Dixon reporting