East Texas Iraq Veteran Returns

By Kelly Hefelfinger khefelfinger@kltv.com

As combat operations in Iraq come to a close, an East Texas Iraq veteran is back on American soil.

Army Private First Class Anthony Griffith arrived home Tuesday at East Texas Regional Airport, met with cheers from dozens of friends and family.

Private Griffith served a tour in Iraq as a truck driver.

Upon arriving, he told KLTV 7, "I thought it was a joke. I didn't think it was for me. I'm just a person doing his job; but I wanted to come home, cause I like my momma's cooking."

Proud mother Sissy Williams told us, "He's my only child.  I only have one, and this was his choice to go and fight for our country."

Private Griffith will be in East Texas for 2 weeks, before heading off to a 2 year assignment to Germany.

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