Robbers use car 'accident' to lure in victim

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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas woman was assaulted on the side of the highway after her car was rear ended. It happened around 2 a.m. Tuesday on the 3700 block of North Broadway in Tyler.

The victim says a car hit her rear bumper, so she pulled over. That is when two men approached her car and one hit her in the face.

A black eye to tell her story, Kristi Bledsoe says she was on her way home from work when a white SUV quickly approached her from behind and bumped the back of her car.

"I've heard of stuff happening like this to women, but you just you don't think about it at the time because I was thinking somebody wasn't paying attention or I wasn't sure, but I just pulled over," said Bledsoe.

She stopped on the side of the road where there are no homes or businesses nearby and at 2 a.m. it was dark. Bledsoe says two men got out of their car and slowly approached her. She says they even apologized for crashing into her.

"I asked him what was going on and that's when he hauled off and hit me," she said. "[He] just nailed me right in the eye. While the other one went around and dumped my purse."

The suspects were unable to find her wallet or any valuables because Bledsoe says she hides them when she goes to work at night. She says the two men left the scene empty handed.

"Scary, it's very, very scary," said Bledsoe. "I definitely won't pull over again. I will get somewhere that is more lit and around more people…A red flag should have been thrown up right off the bat that there should have been no reason I got hit."

Don Martin with Tyler Police says you are required to stay at the scene of an accident, but if there are red flags, drive to a well lit area first and call 911 on the way.

"Stay in the car, roll your window down and motion to them that you are going up there," said Martin. "Drive at a slow pace, don't drive in a hurry and then deal with the situation."

It was a scary situation that Bledsoe urges others to avoid.

The incident remains under investigation by the Tyler Police Department. So far, there are no suspects or additional vehicle information.

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