Raiders looking to 'Finish the Job'

By Coleman Swierc

NEW LONDON, (TX) - There's an East Texas town you may not know about.

"It's somewhere between Kilgore and Henderson, that is the best that I can give them," joked Chris Savala.

With a team you've probably never heard about. Until now.

"Once we start to do good, the people start to know more," said Savala, "We are a really small community, there people here are quiet, you know it would be very good."

"We are small town, so we just go out to prove that we can play with the big boys," said Tony Gordon.

In West Rusk, it's not how you start. It's how you finish.

"Each year I let the seniors come up with their own motto to put on the shirts" said West Rusk head coach John Frazier, "Back in February they met as a group and that is what they came up with, 'Finish the Job'."

"We make it to the playoffs every year, second round in basketball, second round in football, and we never finish it," said Gordon, a wide receiver, "that is what we want to do this year."

"All the built up energy that we have had, we finish it this year, we finish now, and we go for that state championship," echoed Savala.

Like most 2A schools, the Raiders team is small just 28 players,  but unlike most schools 2/3 of their team are seniors. That's 19 out of the 28.

"They played on Friday nights, they have done the two a days practices, they played in the playoffs," said Frazier, "So it makes it a lot easier, but it is still not a cakewalk."

The #2 team in the state admits, when they travel, most people don't know who they are, or where they came from.

And their just fine with that.

"You will find out, they will see," said Gordon.

"They don't really know who West Rusk is," said Savala, "Snd we are going to change that."

The Raiders won their first game of the 2010 season over Redwater and will face White Oak on Friday night in White Oak.

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