19-month-old fights rare lung cancer

By Sara Story - bio | email

POYNER, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas toddler is fighting a rare type of cancer. The tumors started in his lungs and have spread to other parts of his body. 19-month-old, Kameron Murray has had his kidney and part of his lung removed.

Kameron Murray plays with his big brother and shows no sign of the cancer that's in his body. "It has been a roller coaster. I mean, four weeks ago, we had a healthy baby boy," said Kameron's mom, Beth.

Beth said her little boy has always had a large stomach. At first, doctors said it was normal. "From a year on, it got harder, and just bigger. He looked like he had a pregnant belly," said Beth. Doctors found a cyst on Kameron's kidney, and he went to Dallas to have it removed. "His kidney weighed five pounds. A kidney should just weigh ounces, it weighed five pounds," said Beth.

A kidney, three times the size of an adult's, wasn't the only thing doctors found inside the 19-month-old. There were cysts on his right and left lungs. "Then the pathology came back after they removed the lower lobe of the right lung, and it was called Pulmonary Blastoma," said Beth. Pulmonary Blastoma is a rare form of childhood cancer that affects less than 20 people in the world each year.

Kameron began chemotherapy treatments for stage one cancer last week. He must travel to Dallas once a week for the next nine months to continue therapy. "It has been very stressful financially for us," said Beth. She dropped out of nursing school to take care of Kameron, and her husband must travel for his job.

She says friends and family have stepped up. A benefit on Saturday raised $35,000 for the Murray family. "It is amazing how many people heard about Kameron's story and wanted help," said Beth. She added, "Continue praying and hoping for the best for him, because he is strong. He is going to make it through it. I know it."

If you want to help the Murray family, a fund benefiting Kameron Murray has been set up at Citizens State Bank in Athens and Tyler.

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