Longview hosts veterans health fair

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By Bob Hallmark - bio | email

LONGVIEW,TX(KLTV)- A fair dedicated to helping veterans find the necessary help was held in Longview. Longtime veterans and young veterans, turned out to Maude Cobb activity center, many who were just trying to find out what had changed in their benefits.

"There were some benefits I didn't know who to use them or where to go," said Navy veteran Miguel Rojas of Longview.

"The main reason I came here was to look to see what has changed since I retired and also I want information on the education benefits the state provides because if I don't use it I understand I can pass it on to my children," said retired Air Force member Linda Garms.

It featured information on veteran home loans, business loans, education and health benefits. The free event targeted active duty and retired vets.

"We re-acquaint the veterans with benefits that are available for them. With economic times being what they are this might be an opportunity for them to receive services they are perfectly entitled to," said doctor Susan Taylor of the Longview V.A. outpatient clinic.

Dozens of vet groups were on hand to answer benefit questions, and there have been benefit problems for recent veterans widows.

"Unfortunately this is all to common," said event volunteer Linda Daly. "Her husband and her wanted to have the home of their dreams so she continued with that only to find her local bank did not approve her, she certainly had right too as a result of his sacrifice so she was informed that I did provide the service. She came to my office and as a result we do have her approved and she will be moving into her house in the next couple of weeks."

Veterans with questions on changes or current vet benefits should check with area veterans services or the Representatives For Changes organization.

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