Everyday Hero - Margo Dewkett

As I hope you have come to know, our Everyday Hero segment profiles individuals who normally would not receive much fanfare for the work that they do, but I can tell you that this month's Everyday Hero gets paid with the richest form of compensation.  It comes in the way of smiles, single words and sometimes a sound or even just the blink of an eye.  I am speaking of Margo Dewkett, the Founder, Executive Director and Head Instructor for the Windridge Therapeutic Equestrian Center.  Margo had a dream of creating a horse riding center for people with mental, cognitive, or physical disabilities.  The approach uses therapeutic horsemanship to help riders with a range of challenges.  But it is Margo's self-sacrifice that that has taken her dream a step farther.  Through her career, she has rescued and rehabilitated hundreds of horses, and, at Windridge though there is a waiting list, she has the mindset that if someone wants to ride, they will not be turned away.  She and her husband Bruce have sacrificed personally to make sure that riders, employees and volunteers have a meaningful experience.  A staff member describes Margo this way – "She has created an environment where people are allowed to be themselves, grow as individuals, and learn to appreciate the beauty each of us have inside."  So thank you Margo Dewkett for your commitment to people and horses alike and for being selected as KLTV's Everyday Hero, making this a Better East Texas.