East Texans full of football fever

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EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - High school football is one of the most popular sports in East Texas. The popularity with both spectators and players has everyone waiting in anticipation for the first Friday night kick off game.

Football fever is in full affect across East Texas. The closer you get to a school, the more signs of support and spirit you will see. Anticipation of Friday night lights has changed the landscape.

Local business owners proudly display their home town colors. "We have Troup tigers towels and bags and jewelry and Troup America shirts," said Shannon Chastian, with Colors.

Over in Arp, their spirit is showing. Sean Harman of Cutting Edge Designs sells a lot of spirit. He makes t-shirts and jerseys for Kilgore, Troup, Arp and west Rusk. "Anywhere around here come to us," said Harman. His designs are different. He does not believe in sticking with traditional school colors.

In Whitehouse it is easy to find sport support, like at the All Star Barber Shop. "We've sold a few," said Angel Coffey. "We just got them in. We hope to sell some more tonight."

When Whitehouse made the playoffs they went to extremes.

"[We] carved football numbers in the back of their heads," said Coffey.

In Longview, Spring Hill High is selling shirts like crazy, and at Longview High the tickets are flying.

In Overton, Only Burgers is showing some pride. An employee even has one of Sean Harmon's shirts.

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