Convenience store says, "No Hoods!"

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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - No shoes. No shirts. No service. We have all seen the signs. Now, what you actually have on is causing store clerks some problems, prompting some new rules.

New signs popping in East Texas store windows may take some getting used to.

East Texas surveillance cameras catch countless hours of video depicting robbers in hoodies, caught in the act, bursting into corner stores, attacking the clerks and customers inside.

So, attention all customers! You are officially on notice: "No more hoodies!"

"It's almost like please don't wear your mask in here," said Food Fast COO, Jay Misenheimer.

He says it took a few weeks, but now signs are posted in all 69 Food Fast stores across East Texas.

Granted, in the summer time, anybody looks suspicious walking up to a convenience store in a hoody, but the idea is simple. As soon as you open the door, the hoods come off.

"Where we can see them and our cameras can see them," explained Misenheimer.

He says, so far, there have been no complaints.

"We're really not targeting anybody," said Misenheimer. "We're trying to keep our employees safe...trying to keep our business safe for our customers. We're trying to protect our assets."

"These days and times, you never know," said Lois Hailey.

"I think people are taking all the steps that they can without limiting or restricting our freedom," said Branden Johnson, a community activist.

"[Things would be different if] they were adding, not only the hoodies, or people who sag their pants, or who listen to certain kinds of music, or just had their music loud and then you'd be targeting a certain group of people," said Johnson. "It's the fact that if a person comes in with a hood on their head, they potentially may be a robber."

Law-abiding, harmless customers say no harm, no foul.

"I think it's a good idea," said Lois Hailey.

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