Hurricane Katrina - Five Years Later

(ABC) - Five years after one of the deadliest and costliest natural  disasters in our nation's history, ABC News returns to relive the  devastating loss, dramatic rescues, and hopeful renewal in the Gulf  coast. David Muir co-anchors a live, twenty-two minute program with Bob  Woodruff, who covered Katrina before being named anchor of World  News in 2005, and  Robin Roberts, co-anchor of Good Morning America  and a native of Pass Christian, Mississippi.

Muir, Woodruff & Roberts will take America back to the dark days when the government failed to respond to the unparalleled storm,  talking with the people and revisiting the places that became  emblazoned on the country's memory.

They will also take stock of the Gulf coast's long road to recovery and how this resilient and unique place has been challenged yet again by the BP oil spill.