Restaurant Report: 7 businesses totaling 132 demerits

SMITH COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - By Layron Livingston - bio | email
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GREGG COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - Seven East Texas businesses were under the microscope this past inspection period, garnering a total of 132 demerits.

Sonic #4963
102 NNW Loop 323

Hot dogs out of temp (thermometer)
Employees seen violating handwashing rules and handling ready-to-eat foods improperly (handwashing)
Inspectors found built up grease and food at the deep fryer (unclean)
Entire restaurant needed a thorough cleaning (unclean)

23 Demerits

Dairy Queen #13
419 N. Highway 110

Milk and soft serve mix not kept cold enough (thermometer)
Employee seen breaking handwashing rules (handwashing)
Food manager could not demonstrate basic food safety procedures (danger)
Soft serve utensils soaked in dirty water, then used to serve food…(unclean)

22 Demerits

Sonic #03129
433 N. Highway 110

Hot dogs and other pre-cooked foods not properly date-marked (danger)
No water at one of the handsinks (handwashing)
Sticky utensils, dirty deep fryer and other dirty equipment all needed cleaning (unclean)

19 Demerits

Spring Creek BBQ
5810 S. Broadway

Cole slaw and potato salad had to be thrown out (thermometer)
Another handwashing violation (handwashing)
Damaged, cracked, chipped utensils had to be thrown out (danger)
Rusty can opener found, and inspector noted building needed a thorough cleaning…(unclean)

18 Demerits

Los Toros
1723 N. Church

At least one roach was seen crawling in the bakery (unclean/insect)
Rodent droppings found in restroom and hallway leading to the restrooms (unclean)
Yet another handwashing violation (handwashing)

Permit suspended

15 Demerits

Amigo's Buffet

Raw chicken found and cheese out of temperature along with menudo and beef

18 Demerits

Taco San Luis
East Marshall

Rise, soup queso held at unsafe temperatures
Moldy, spoiled tomato sauce found
Several utensils needed sanitizing

17 Demerits

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