Couple shares advice after 70 years of marriage

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JACKSONVILLE, TX (KLTV) - August 25, 2010 marks a milestone anniversary for an East Texas couple.

Robert and Marjorie Smith of Jacksonville are celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary. Both in their 90's and they say their love has only grown stronger with the passage of time.

Their marriage spans seven decades, and now the Smiths are sharing their secret.

"We never had a fight," said Marjorie.

An accomplishment in itself, the couple sticks to their motto.

"Love yourself. Respect yourself," said Robert. "Love your mate. Respect your mate. Love God. Respect God."

At ages 92 and 90, Robert and Marjorie still share their passion for music. It is a reminder of when they first met in 1936.

"I had been a song leader in our church and I saw a new face in the crowd one day and asked her if she would like singing in a quartet," said Robert. "We never sang, but mission was accomplished."

"First boyfriend I ever had," said Marjorie.

In 1940, the Smiths got married. Marjorie's dress was $16.99. They had three daughters and raised them all on a working dairy farm.

"We milked cows and they were all female, too," said Robert. "They let me watch the baseball games."

The couple takes walks in their backyard, staying fit so they can keep up with their seven grandchildren, 11 great grand children, and seven great-great grand children.

"We've been honored to live in the most exciting time in history...look what's happened to TVs, automobiles, cars," said Robert.

Thankful for their time together, Marjorie and Robert hope to live past 100. They are confidant their cheerful outlook will get them there.

"Never look behind," said Robert. "Something might be catching up with you."

It is advice they will pass down generation to generation.

Robert and Marjorie moved to Jacksonville 10 years ago. Before that, they spent their lives in Elkhart, Indiana.

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