Grace lineman fights back from bad break

By Coleman Swierc

TYLER, TEXAS (KLTV) - Josh Boylan remembers the play like it was yesterday.

"His body fell into the side of me, but the [knee] braces put all the pressure on my femur, and it snapped."

Just like that, ten days ago, in a scrimmage against Frankston, Boylan's season was over.

"I knew that I had broken something, the pain was pretty bad, but once I had everyone around me, the pain went down."

Surgery to his right leg would soon follow.

"My femur was out to the side, so they repositioned my femur, and they put two screws going through the knee to the femur to position it."

But in a rare moment in todays sporting world, and in a show of true sportsmanship he put aside his own pain, and just days after surgery, he rejoined the team.

"He is going everything he can, by coming out here this early after injury and watching us," said Grace head coach Mike Maddox, "And don't think that it is not picked up on by his teammates."

"Your knicks and bruises are not such a big deal," said Micah Clark, "The fact that he is out here with his broken femur and he is still out here trying to learn as much as he can."

"I just said that I would trade anything to be back out there and with my team," said Boylan.

The doctors told Josh, that in 10 weeks he could return.

"Hearing that it was only 10 short weeks that I could be back, I was like, 'alright, this is good.'"

For now he is still confined to a wheel chair, watching from the sidelines, waiting on the day, he rejoins the huddle.

"The pain is far worse not being with my teammates, and running out there and helping them out."

"That is something that I am really looking forward to."

Grace opens the season on Thursday, August 26th against Winnsboro at T.K. Gorman.

Boylan hopes to be back in time for the Cougars playoff run.

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