Tyler ISD calls for November bond election

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - By Taylor Hemness - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - The Tyler ISD School Board has just over two months to convince voters to approve a new $89,850,000 bond.

The board voted unanimously Monday night to put the bond on the November 2nd ballot.

If passed, the bond will pay for the construction of three new schools: Dixie Elementary will be rebuilt at a cost of $20,190,000, Rice Elementary would be rebuilt at a cost of $23,850,000, and $44,000,000 would pay for a brand new middle school in southwest Tyler, just off of Old Jacksonville Highway.

The district has already purchased 30 acres of land for the new school. If it's approved, that school will have a target opening of August 2012. The board said that this bond will not affect tax rates at all.

Here are the other board notes from the TISD School Board meeting of August 23, courtesy of Tyler ISD:

A Summary of the August 23, 2010 Tyler ISD Board of Trustees Meeting

Board Recognizes Staff Members

Tyler ISD is proud to congratulate Karen Shoemaker with the Tyler ISD Transportation Department for reaching the level of Certified Pupil Transportation Official by the Texas Association for Pupil Transportation. The process to achieve this state certification took much time and effort.

Congratulations to Jan Ace, with the Tyler ISD International Baccalaureate Program. She was accepted as a participant to the International IB Academy. Every year, IB selects a total of 30 participants to attend the IB Academy from North America, South America and Central America. Space is very limited so acceptance into the IB Academy is an honor. The IB Academy provides four and a half days of extensive and collaborative training to prepare participants to become IB workshop leaders, site visitors, program evaluators, and consultants.

Board Approves Self-Funded Insurance Plan

The Board of Trustees approved a resolution authorizing the self-insurance plans for the district employees and confirming the district's ability to cover the liability assumed by the plans.  Section 22.004 of the Education Code requires school boards to approve a resolution that authorizes a self-funded insurance plan for its employees.

Board Approves TISD Medical Benefit Plan Benefit Changes

The Board of Trustees approved benefit changes as well as all the additional Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) mandated changes that will allow the Plan to remain Grandfathered for the Plan year 2010-2011.  The PPACA mandates changes to the Tyler ISD Medical Benefit Plan (the Plan) and will increase the plan liability by approximately $500,000 per year beginning October 1, 2010.  To prevent additional increases, the plan needs to be "Grandfathered." Grandfathering allows limited changes in benefits and premiums.  The Plan currently covers approximately 3,000 Tyler ISD employees and their dependents. 

Administration and the Tyler ISD Insurance Committee have reviewed, analyzed and discussed at length the implications of benefit and/or premium changes. We do not recommend increasing premiums at this time. We do recommend the following benefit changes (there are many other mandated changes that need to be made to conform to PPACA); these changes will decrease the Plan costs by approximately $250,000 per year and still allow the Plan to remain Grandfathered:

Plan A – Medical Benefits

  • Increase Individual Deductible by $15/yr to $115*
  • Increase Individual Max Out-of-Pocket by $125/yr to $1,000*

*Family Deductibles and Family Out-of-Pockets are three times these amounts.

Plan B – Medical Benefits

  • Increase Individual In-Network Deductible by $75/yr to $575**
  • Increase Individual In-Network Max Out of Pocket by $150 to $1,400**
  • Increase ER Co-pay by $10 to $85
  • Increase Physician Office Visit Co-pay by $5 to $35

**Deductibles and Out-of-Pockets for Individual Out-of-Network services are calculated at two times the In-Network amounts; Family Deductibles and Family Out-of-Pockets are calculated at three times the In-Network or Out-of-Network amounts as applicable.

Plans A & B - Pharmacy Benefits

  • Increase Co-pays for Generic prescriptions by $5 to $15 for Retail, $5 for Mail Order.
  • Increase Max Out of Pocket for Brand (no Generic available) by $20 to $145 for Retail, by $40 to $290 for Mail Order.

Board Approves Budget

The Board of Trustees unanimously approved the 2010-2011 District budget.  This budget is approximately $136,859,437 million, up about .2 percent, or $238,533, over the current year's approved budget of $ 136,620,904 million.  The District budget includes a state mandated pay raise to teachers of $680,000.All other employees will not receive a pay raise for the 2010-2011 school year.

Board Approves Tax Rate

The Board of Trustees unanimously approved to adopt the tax rate of $1.375 for 2010-2011.  This tax rate is no increase from the current tax rate.  The tax rate of $1.375 is the rate necessary to fund the District's General Operating and Debt Service Fund Budgets for 2010-2011.

Board Authorizes and Calls Bond Election

The Board of Trustees of the Tyler Independent School District unanimously approved calling a School Bond Election November 2, 2010, and authorizing related agreements.

The list of projects for this proposed School Bond Election total $ 89,850,885 and includes the following new construction projects:

  • New Middle School
  • New Dixie Elementary School                           
  • New Rice Elementary School                            

Board Authorizes and Accepts Donations

The Board of Trustees authorized and approved the acceptance of the following donations totaling $ 43,014.50:
$10,000.00 from United Technologies Carrier to Boulter Middle School
$6,564.02 from Braithwaite Fund—ETCF through the Tyler ISD Foundation for Fine Arts
$7,500.00 from Oil well through the Tyler ISD Foundation for Boshears Center
$11,850.00 from Clarkston PTA to Clarkston Elementary
$7,100.48 from Andy Woods PTA to Andy Woods Elementary