East Texas safe so far from egg recall

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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - The FDA is cracking down on potentially dangerous eggs. Monday, the agency recalled more than 500-million eggs linked to thousands of suspected cases of salmonella.

The recall is the largest in FDA history, and may have some of you worried about what you are eating for breakfast. It is a national outbreak that has everybody on high alert.

"We have had a lot of phone calls, people asking if their eggs are safe," said Allen Bussey, with Brookshire's.

"They've asked if our eggs are safe, how are our eggs today," said Melissa Billby, with the Egg & I.

In East Texas, grocery stores and restaurants say there is no cause for concern. They have not been affected by the egg recall.

"The CEO and chairman of the Egg and I has assured us that he's in constant contact with our egg suppliers that our eggs are safe and they are not part of the recall," said Billby.

"Majority of our eggs come from here in Texas and they are safe," said Bussey.

The recall includes 500-million eggs from Wright County Egg and Hilldale Farms in Iowa. It does include some Albertson's brand eggs. The company issued a statement:

"It is currently limited to Albertson's stores that are operated in the southern California division of SuperValu and to a limited number of stores in the Colorado market that are owned by Albertson's LLC."

The FDA claims the number of illnesses, which can be life-threatening, is expected to rise.

"Basically, an egg you want to cook it well done," explained Brenda Elrod, with the Northeast Texas Public Health District.

Elrod says there is a way to prevent salmonella poisoning, even if the egg is contaminated. "Don't do the sunny side up," she said. "Don't do the soft scramble because cooking that germ too...will kill it."

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