Longview schools kick off first day in new buildings

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LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - Many of the students in Longview kicked off their first day in brand new buildings. It was their first chance to see what the district's big bond issued paid for.

Students at Ned E. Williams Elementary are just a few of the thousands of Longview ISD students who started the first day of school in brand new schools - or schools that have brand new buildings.

Ned E. Williams is a new school. The principal, Cynthia Wise, says this is just what these students and their community needed. "We had a population of children who had to be bussed across town and not make it home until 5 p.m. or after," she said. "This gives these kids a school in their neighborhood." The beautiful facility is home to 680 students on Highway 149 in Lakeport.

Longview's big 2008 bond issue paid for the changes at Ned E. Williams and at Hudson PEP Elementary where students have a brand new building at the school's old location. J.C. Everhart Elementary has a new location, on Tryon Road.

Forest Park Middle School is also a familiar name with a new location and new building. "From students' perspective and the staff, [there is] a lot of great technology in the building," said Principal Brian Bowman. "Everything is under one roof so security is safe. The students have been excited. The staff's been excited." The halls were filled with 500 students at the new Forest Park Middle School location on Eastman Road.

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