A Little Girl Is Injured In A Bizarre Accident

10 year old Catherine Owens was simply playing with a friend inside her home when the unthinkable happened. Now an East Texas community is trying to rally support for a little girl who is severely injured.

It was last Sunday that 10 year old Catherine was playing a friends house in Glenwood acres, when what can only be described as an unexplainable accident happened. A tree limb came crashing through the roof and impaled her leg to the floor.

Catherine's leg was badly broken by a 20 foot limb, and she was airlifted to LSU med-center in Shreveport.

Her father Robert, who suffers from emphysema, had a stress attack afterwards, and he was hospitalized two days later.

Catherine meanwhile has undergone 4 surgeries, with doctors still unsure of whether they can save her leg.

The Owens family has no insurance but the community is asking all of East Texas to help.

Katherine remains at LSU med center, where doctors say she may be for as long as 90 days. But her spirit prevail. She has told her family she wants a picnic when she comes home.

If you would like to donate, you're asked to call the Gilmer National bank and ask about the Catherine Owens fund.

Bob Hallmark reporting.