A Better East Texas: Islamic center

There has been a tremendous amount of discussion and disagreement on the construction of an Islamic Center in New York City just 2 blocks away from Ground Zero. The President came out last weekend and did not help matters with his comments on the situation. It appears that he was trying to walk a tightrope and not offend either side when he ultimately offended both sides.  Our country was established by pilgrims who were fleeing religious and political persecution and they setup not only a colonial government but also a system of worship. So from day one, America has always afforded freedom of religious expression and any group does have the right to construct a worship center wherever they want. But in this case, the construction of the Muslim worship center this close to ground zero is a mistake.  This will not bring people together and in fact it is already dividing them and I don't believe that is spirit in which the Muslim faith operates. The planners need to rethink their decision on moving ahead with the project.  Surely there are other available locations that can accommodate such a center. This is not a legal issue, but it is an issue of wisdom for those involved and showing a little wisdom will deal with this issue and make for a Better East Texas.