Proud of East Texas: Chef Jackson York

By Joan Hallmark

The State of Texas is blessed with some of the best food in the world, and one of the people producing that food, the "Texas Chef of the Year," is right here in East Texas. Executive Chef Jackson York came to Edom Bakery from Fort Worth four years ago. York had created gourmet food in some of the state's top restaurants and private clubs. He admits that Edom, population 322, took some getting used to for him and his customers.

With customers palates becoming more sophisticated and York getting to know the area better, Edom Bakery's menu runs from York's gourmet Italian food and sauces to tasty pot roasts and fresh area vegetables.

York says instead of running back to Fort Worth every chance he gets, as he did his first year in East Texas, he now says "where's Fort Worth?" Chef Jackson York's "Chef of the Year Award" from the Texas Chef's Association is a well deserved tribute to York's passion for food.

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