Carr family reflects 6 months after "Extreme Makeover"

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MINEOLA, TX (KLTV) - It's a story that rallied thousands of East Texans together. We got to know the Carr family of Mineola earlier this year when thousands of you pitched in to build them the house of their dreams.

It has been six months since Extreme Makeover: Home Edition rolled into East Texas and changed the Carr family's life forever.

"It's taken people to a different understanding of what is possible," said mom, Katrina Carr.

For the family of six, anything is possible. Ryanne, 7, will be the junior race director for this year's White Rock Marathon. Nicolas and Haydn are getting ready to go back to school.

But, since Extreme Makeover: Home Edition aired, four-year-old Rina's has been experiencing more medical problems. Her parents say she may have a tethered spinal chord and they will be taking her to a neurosurgeon in two weeks. "The deterioration that she has experienced so far, it may be permanent," said Katrina Carr.

On top of Rina's medical problems, Mike is still unemployed. "Unfortunately, if something doesn't come along pretty quick, we might have to consider, do we have to pack up and move and leave this incredible support system we have here so I can take care of the family?" said Mike Carr.

Katrina says their new home has made the recent obstacles easier to handle. "I tell Mike all the time, 'I can't imagine what that would be like going through that experience in our old house,'" said Katrina.

"When storms blow through, I'm not really concerned too much about what is going to happen to us in the house," said Mike. It is a home that makes them feel safe and with every detail, the Carr's are reminded of the community that built it.

"I hope we can tell East Texas, 'You have made a difference for our kids, for Mike, for our peace of mind,'" said Katrina.

It is a place they hope to call home for a long time.

Ryanne continues to work with Limbs for Life. So far, she has collected nine legs to donate to the program.

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