Suspected Olympic Park Bomber Is Captured

Federal agents are flooding into Murphy, North Carolina, where Olympic bombing suspect Eric Rudolph was captured after more than five years on the lam.

FBI agent Chris Swecker says investigators need to find out where Rudolph has been spending his time. The team will include 20 to 30 forensics experts alone. Swecker says the first concern is booby traps.

Rudolph is charged with bombing two women's clinics and a gay bar as well as the Olympics attack.

Swecker says Rudolph has been doing some eating and some sleeping, he's calm, and he's been read his rights.

Sheriff's Deputy Sean Mathews was the first to realize the man nabbed behind a grocery store was the suspected white supremacist the FBI has been hunting for years. Mathews says he thought the man had an "uncanny resemblance" to Rudolph. He says he "just had a hunch" who it was when he saw his eyes.

"I know he can't hurt anyone else now." Those are the words of Emily Lyons, who was blinded in one eye and riddled with shrapnel in an attack on a women's clinic in Birmingham, Alabama, five years ago. A police officer was killed. Now the suspect is in custody.

Lyons, the clinic nurse, has had 20 operations and still has nails in her legs from the bomb. She says, "you don't have to go to the middle east to find terrorists. Rudolph is one of them."