Troops welcomed at Tyler Airport

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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - A big welcome for three troops Saturday in Tyler. Among them was an airman who has served in a unique aspect of the war in Afghanistan as a photo-journalist. To the cheers of family and supporters, the three weary warriors made it home to east Texas.

"The reception was very unexpected and very welcomed. I appreciate that very much. Sometimes you get a little emotional when folks greet you like that," said U.S. Army Major Doug Wishart.

Airman First Class Laura Goodgame was home after two tours in Afghanistan, and has seen the war from a unique perspective, not from the scope of a rifle,  but the lens of a camera.

"Well, when I joined the Air Force, that was my goal was to deploy and go tell the soldiers and airmen's stories," said Goodgame.

Her job was filled with risk, often documenting the war under fire.

"There was I.E.D's and small arms fire. There was nervous times, but I was secure with the guys I was deployed with. Everyone watched out for each other. There were some things going on - some hard times," said Goodgame.

Her grandmother, who served in the navy in Vietnam, was on hand to greet her.

"I'm very proud of her that child. I've been proud of her since the day she was born," said grandmother Margie Tuck.

For all, getting home is long overdue.

"Happy to be home," said Goodgame.

Goodgame is home on leave and plans to take a cruise in Mexico while she is home.

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