Tyler Ambucs build wheelchair accessible ramp

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By Bob Hallmark - bio | email

TYLER,TX (KLTV)- An east Texas family opened their home to a physically challenged child, but needed the timely help of a charitable organization to make it happen.

Members of Tyler AMBUCS turned out today at the home of Michael and Jennifer Ferrell in Tyler, to build a wheelchair ramp. The Ferrell's are opening their home as a support family to a 14 year old physically challenged girl, who's special care facility is closing down shortly. They offer a chance for the teen to live a normal life in a family atmosphere, and Ambucs came to the rescue with materials, manpower and know-how.

"The thought of us not having the ramp built , it was overwhelming and so when they stepped up it was a huge relief , not only for me but for my husband who has been doing all the building on our house," says Jennifer Ferrell.

"We're not about even the club its about the individuals we serve that's why we're here everybody can serve themselves elsewhere , the reason why your participate in this is to get out and serve the community and become a part of it," says Jason Trimble of Tyler Ambucs.

This particular project has a value around $500 to $600, and is the first build project for the Tyler chapter of Ambucs. The Ferrell's will welcome the teen to their home on August 27th.

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