Rose Capital East loses to Taipei in World Series Championship

By Coleman Swierc

TAYLOR, MICHIGAN (KLTV) - For five innings, the championship was so close, but in a game of seven innings, close does not count.

In the Little League Jr. League World Series final, Ryan Cheatham powered Rose Capital East to a 1-0 lead over Chinese Taipei.

Cheatham had held the opponents to no hits through five innings, and when Patrick Mahomes singled in the bottom of the 5th, a title was on the horizon. Then it went all wrong.

"For a bit, I thought we had it," said RCELL head coach Chad Parker, "From there, it just got away from us."

Chinese Taipei exploded for 4 runs in the 6th inning, then 5 more in the 7th, eventually taking a 9-1 win, and taking the world title in the process.

"To be honest, we probably were not supposed to be here," said Parker, "But as the season wore one, we just got hot and started to believe that getting here and winning was a possibility."

Despite the loss, RCELL will take the honor, of the best 13 - 14 year old baseball team in America.

"I think our guys understand what we did," said Parker, "It was disappointing at first, but these kids have put it into perspective, and understand what a great thing they they did.

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