Tips for parents cashing in on tax-free weekend

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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - The Texas tax-free weekend began Friday and shoppers flocked to stores across East Texas.

"I got a whole sack of clothes for $40.90," said Zero Miles. "My total savings was $157.08."

It is well worth the time and effort for some, while others are intimidated by the crowds and endless lines. Shirley, a grandmother of three did not realize it was tax free weekend.

"If you knew that it was tax free weekend, would you be here?" I asked her.

"Most likely not," she laughed. "I'm not big on crowds."

So, how do you make tax free weekend a success? First, remember the early bird gets the worm.

"The most important thing would be to try to beat the crowds, to try to get there as soon as the store opens," said Shannon Baker, while shopping at Target.

"The largest crowd will be here Saturday afternoon from about 11 to 4, that will be the peak," said Dennis Hyland,  with JC Penny.

Next, look for additional sales. 'Tax free' means you save about $8 for every $100 you spend, but the savings add up when you find other back-to-school deals.

"When you get something that is tax free and then have something that is 15%-20% off on sale, than that is a good deal and that is the savings I think guests will be looking for," said Baker.

Another tip is to check the items on the tax free list before going shopping. There are back-to-school items that are on sale, like accessories and purses, that are not tax free. Some things are carried over from year to year, like scissors.

Make a list of exactly what you need. Set a budget and stick to it, making sure you avoid getting swept up in the hype. The list of tax-free items has expanded since last year.

If you want to check out a full list of eligible items, click here.

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