Will Tyler's New Water Treatment Plant Impact Lake Levels?

It's a maze of concrete and steel to make clean clear water.

Greg Morgan, director of Tyler Water Utilities: "We have the rights to 60 million gallons a day out of Lake Palestine."

But Tyler's new Lake Palestine plant will take only half of that when it goes online in about a month. Friday, the first raw water was pumped from the lake -- it was just a test.

"There are a lot of cities that don't know where their next drink of water is coming from, and our needs are met well into this century," he says. About the year 2060 to be exact, but what about the lake where that water comes from?

"The draw on the lake will be less than a tenth of an inch per day.  What we're taking out of the lake is less than what you lose through evaporation on an average day."

In addition, Lake Palestine is river fed.

"You do have sources of water that are always putting water into the lake."

The plant can always put water into our taps, even when the power goes out. Generators keep it running, guaranteeing businesses who depend on it, and those industries considering moving here.

"Having water is going to be the equivalent of having oil in this century."

Water's a little lighter and cheaper... but so much more important.

    Morgan Palmer, reporting.