Feral Hog Fest just around the corner

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BEN WHEELER, TX (KLTV) - It is official. The 2010 Fall Feral Hog Festival date is set. The weekend of October 22nd features plenty of feral hog fun for folks of all ages.

With a snort from Brooks Grommel, the Fall Feral Hog Festival instigator, the Hog Fest season has begun. Of course, nothing really happens until October 22nd when it is a full boar, but why?

"It's kind of like lemons and lemonade isn't it?" said Brooks. "Hogs are a real problem for us, they're a problem for people all over Texas. They're a problem for people all over the country. Not much we can do about them…except we can have fun with them and that's exactly what we're doing."

The pig bus behind Brooks was quite distracting.

"It's the most fun for the least amount of money I've ever had," he said, referencing the bus.

He bought it cheap, painted it pink and slapped a fiberglass nose on it just because he could.

"Does the bus have a name? No, but that's an idea," he said. "Name the bus contest! I like that very much. We'll work on it and I'll wait for you to be the first entry we have."

Brooks is always open to more ideas, but the standard events will all be there.

"We have the Wild Hog Cook-off and Saturday the 23rd, of course, we have that life-changing event for one lucky participant who will be crowned the Hog Queen," said Grommel. "Friday at the Fall Feral Follies the 22nd of October…open to men or women. The whole year will be festive activities. Nothing but the highest respect paid, of course."

If you would like to participate in any of the events, including a parade, click here.

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