East Texan's billboard campaign has personal message

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GLADEWATER, TX (KLTV) - One East Texas man is continuing his mission to protest against the current administration through a billboard campaign.

The retired Gilmer doctor has a deep personal drive behind his message against reforms of the Obama Administration.

Four months ago we met retired Gilmer doctor, Ellis Miller, who has been protesting the Obama Administration through a billboard campaign.

He has a new one in Gladewater, comparing Obama policies to Castro-like Socialism.

"What these signs really want to do is educate people to what's happened," said Miller. "I want the country to be back to the United States of America I grew up with."

Keith Hawley owns and runs 'Step Above Detail,' a detail shop in the shadow of the new billboard.

"First of all, I didn't know what it meant," said Hawley. "People were stopping and taking pictures...Some say they agree with it. Some say they disagree with it."

Miller protests most against current healthcare reforms, partly because he has an autistic son, who would not be covered under Obama-care.

"My son, actually that motivated me to take action of some kind," he said. "I can't imagine passing a 2000-page document that people haven't read...What I'm seeing now is that choice of me directing my own how much I want to spend and how much I want to pay for health care."

The two had a chance to talk about the message.

"Dealing with the issues with his son I can understand that," said Hawley. "Some of the issues that he stated, some I agree with, some I don't."

Miller was quick to point out this is a political issue not a black and white issue.

"If McCain was doing the very same thing that Obama's been doing the last two months, his picture would be up on that sign," said Miller.

Simply by talking, both learned a little from each other.

"We need to sit down and talk more - get everybody's different opinion - see what other people are thinking," said Hawley.

Miller plans on more signs and he hopes it will get more people talking. Each sign costs Miller around $450-$500 a month to rent which he pays currently out of his own pocket, and he plans on putting more up.

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