Business burglarized 'Mission Impossible' style

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - By Morgan Chesky - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - A late night burglary leaves an East Texas business with a cracked safe and plenty of unanswered questions. It happened sometime after closing at Broadway Powersports on Southwest Loop 323 in Tyler.

The burglars made off with cash and other goods in what was far from a routine smash and grab.

It was not your average burglary. There were no broken windows, or kicked -in doors. Instead there were several holes cut right through the building's roof.

Authorities say the burglar or burglars gained entry by disabling Broadway Powersports alarm system. A cut fence and climbed roof later, the late night visitors somehow cut their way into the building from above.

A store employee says they headed straight for the safe which was found Wednesday morning ripped open like that of a can opener.

The thieves left through the back door with cash and merchandise with few clues to follow.

"All of it together is going to help us when you have all the factors involved," said Officer Doyle Lynch, with the Tyler Police Department. "When you have a cut fence and a mode of entry and the alarm tampering, you put all those factors together and that gives you something to work with."

Crime scene investigators gathered evidence most of the morning.

Police say they are pursuing several leads but right now there is not a suspect description on whoever is behind this break-in.

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