Channel 7 Follow-Up: Viewers Provide Wheelchair Lift to Joy Lynn

Earlier this month, we brought you the story of Joy Lynn Stricklen. The 7-year-old girl was born with a condition that has caused many disabilities, from clubbed feet to sinus problems. That makes walking almost impossible, so her motorized wheelchair is the best way to get around. But sometimes she had to leave that wheelchair behind -- no more because of the generosity of some East Texans.

The quality of Joy's life is tied to being as fast as her friends. But the mobility ended at the school door because her motorized wheelchair is so heavy.

But Thursday, the door opened on a new world for Joy.  She can get in and out on her own.

After seeing our story on May 2nd, Judd and Noah from American Lift Aids started thinking.

They had a lift on hand -- on consignment from a Lindale couple who said, "why not."

"Reporter: How much easier is it going to be in the summer to lift up in there? Joy: A lot easier."

She's not always talkative, but Dad is very thankful.

"There's really no way I could have afforded it, to be honest about it, without begging borrowing and stealing, there's no way to do it," father Tommy Stricklen says.

"When we go places now, she can just go in and out and go just like a normal thing, instead of being picked up and put in the buggy," mother Shiela says.

As Joy grows older her needs will change, but the lift is large enough for her next wheelchair. A helping hand given by strangers, for a little girl who touched their hearts.

"Reporter: What would you say to the people who donated this to you? Joy: Thank you."

Morgan Palmer, reporting.