Easton Police Chief Arrested for Drunk Driving

A local chief of police is taken in on charges that he was driving while intoxicated. But that's not all. The bizarre account of his arrest also includes a charge of threatening fellow police officers. Joshua Vestfals is the head man of the two-man police department in Easton. A small town just southeast of Longview. The 25 year old Vestfals, was arrested early Wednesday morning, after a scuffle at a Longview nightclub. Stopped by police, he reportedly smelled of alcohol, was belligerent and aggressive with officers, refusing a field sobriety test. He reportedly, had to be pepper sprayed to be subdued, and even kicked the window of a patrol unit out. And it allegedly got worse in jail. Vestfals reportedly alluded to catching up with a fellow officer when he got out. Some city council members, who work out of town during the week, are not yet aware of Vestfal's arrest. If convicted on the charges, he could face a maximum of 10 years in prison.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.