Woman wakes to find burglar by her bed

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WHITEHOUSE, TX (KLTV) - A woman wakes up to find a burglar beside her bed. Just a block away, another man fights off a suspect trying to break in his home.

Smith County sheriff's investigators say it all happened early Tuesday morning on Nix Lane which is just outside Whitehouse.

One of the victims wants to keep her identity protected, but she recounted her frightening ordeal.

"It was scary 'cause I had kids in the house," she said.

She had a terrifying confrontation with a burglar in the dark. She was asleep in her bed when a noise coming from her jewelry cabinet woke her up.

"[I] heard a noise and tried to get out of bed and stepped on a body and I thought it was my daughter," she said. "So I went to pick her up to put her back in bed and realized it was man with facial hair."

She asked the man who he was, but she says he quickly bolted.

"He got up, threw my jewelry box on top of my legs so I couldn't chase him and ran out the back door...I scared him off cause when I called my daughter's name he grunted real loud and took off running."

Unfortunately, she says he had already ransacked her purse, taking cash, credit cards, even her Social Security card and ID. However, she realizes it could have been much worse, considering he was armed with a knife.

"With the knife, I could have been hurt," she said. "I could have been stabbed. A lot of things could have happened and I'm thankful that it didn't. I'm glad my son didn't come out and meet him in the hallway."

A kitchen window had to be repaired. To gain entry, she says, the burglar busted out a cracked window pane.

"Then, [he] reached up and unlocked the windows."

It is a warning to others to keep everything locked-up tight.

With a lot of activity taking place on this street, neighbors and deputies are keeping watch, too.

Smith County deputies say another man just down the street scared a man off Tuesday morning by grabbing his gun and firing a warning shot. They cannot confirm if this is the same suspect, but they do have a description. They are looking for a white male with a thin build, about 5'9". He had a brown crew cut and goatee and was seen wearing a red shirt and white shorts with a blue stripe.

If you have any information, call the Smith County Sheriff's Department.

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