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GA. practice game ends in near riot

Investigator Patrick Hogan was on the field working security for the game, and helped with crowd control. Investigator Patrick Hogan was on the field working security for the game, and helped with crowd control.

By  Stephanie Springer  - bio | email

Fitzgerald, GA (WALB) – A high school football scrimmage takes an ugly turn when players fans and even parents rushed the field. It turned into a brawl involving more than 100 people.

There were even reports of shots fired down the street from the game, which only led to even more confusion.

Video was shot by a fan Friday night, shortly after The Fitzgerald Purple Hurricane defeated Wilcox County in a scrimmage. "The field was swamped, they really were like bees on the field so you really couldn't see who was hurt and all the parents were just trying to make sure their children were okay," said Denise Gaulden, a parent of one of the players.

"You see players, parents, coaches even onlookers jumping the fence and running out into the field it was pretty confusing," said Investigator Patrick Hogan, who was working security during the game.

But tonight, the question is what led to such pandemonium on a high school football field? "I didn't see the first fight or anything that was any indicator that something was going to happen. It just came from no where, I really don't have a clue what started that," said Hogan.

Denise Gaulden was at the game watching her son play for the Hurricanes and says everything started off great. "First quarter was good, second quarter was good but at the end of the second quarter is when everything got a little rough," said Gaulden.

Towards the end of the game things went downhill. "It was like the whole team just rushed, from there normally they would walk down the line and shake hands but they just rushed toward us and chaos just begun," said Gaulden.

Investigator Patrick Hogan was on the field working security for the game and helped with crowd control. "Several people had to be escorted from the field but really the administrative staff did a pretty good job of getting people separated," said Hogan.

Other officers on duty were called in to handle with crowd control on the field and parking lot. And onlookers say the brawl didn't last but for a few minutes before everyone was cleared off the field.

We are told there were some reports of some injuries during the brawl. The Sheriff says he and the Chief of police plan to meet with school administrators tomorrow to review video of the brawl. He says charges are always possible, but not likely in this situation.

Officials with the Georgia High School football association say they are waiting for a written report from the principals on what exactly happened. They expect that report as early as tomorrow and then they will decide on what penalties the teams will face if any.

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