Flirting shuts down traffic after motorcycles collide

BOISE, ID (CNN) - A little flirting during rush hour on Interstate 84 in Boise, Idaho ended with four lanes of westbound traffic being shut down after authorities say two motorcycles collided.

Witnesses told authorities they saw the two young men on the bikes flirting with a trio of young women in an adjacent car.

They say one of the men even reached out to touch one of the women in the car. That is when witnesses say the man lost control of his motorcycle and hit his friend's bike.

Sergeant John Burke with the Boise Police says the men should have had their eyes on the road - not the women.

"Driving on the interstate is serious business," he said. "It's not a place to be playing games."

One of the men was hurt in the accident and taken to the hospital.

There has been no word on his condition.

Authorities have reportedly cited the two bikers for inattentive driving.

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