Three Bodies Found In Rusk

Three people were found dead in an East Texas home tonight. Relatives told us 39 year old Ronnie Session, his wife Tracie and their 16 year old son, Randy, were found dead in their home, located at the intersection of Needham and Beale street in Rusk.  At this time, authorities don't know when the deaths occurred, but they found the bodies shortly before 7 p.m.  Relatives tell us the deaths could have occurred last night or today. Ronnie's brother-in -law, Henry Irving, told us Ronnie had been in and out of the hospital suffering from a nervous breakdown and saying he heard voices.

Relatives also told us the couple had another teenage child, 18 year old Laronda Moore who actually found the bodies. She was not home at the time of the deaths and is now staying with other family members. Moore said her father had a history of both violence and mental illness. At one point, he was confined to a mental hospital.

Authorities say the victims died of possible stab wounds. They are not elaborating on whether this was a murder or murder-suicide, but say it appears no one from outside the home was involved.

Kerri Panchuk, reporting.