Husband remembers EMT wife

By Bob Hallmark - bio | email

The husband of a female EMT who died Friday from carbon monoxide poisoning, is sharing his memories of his wife. 33 year old Casey Steenland and several other EMT's were found at Champion EMS in White Oak unconscious from exposure to carbon monoxide. Casey died later.

"She did live every day to the fullest, she lived she loved, everybody loved her she never met a stranger she always had a friend she hadn't met yet," says Casey's husband Jeff Steenland.

Casey's passing  left Jeff with emotions hard to express.

"When we worked together on the ambulance she did help me pull people out of a house for carbon monoxide poisoning, its sad that she had to go that way," he says.

Gathering today, Casey's family told stories of her endless energy and drive to help others.

"She was starting school again in the fall and she did have a lot, and she was always running and doing something for somebody," Jeff says.

Jeff has memories of his first meeting with Casey as a trainee, when he was an EMT.

"She became my partner in the ambulance, and at first I was ugly to her I was not very nice," he says.

But when it took, there was no going back.

"She made me laugh pretty much I knew right after that she was a special, special person," Jeff says.

He wants people to remember Casey for what she was.

"Everything to her was fun, life was fun, vibrate full of life that she was, she loved to help people, she lived life every day as if it were her last and enjoyed every second and tried to make everybody enjoy theirs as well," he says.

Funeral arrangements are still pending. Funds have been set up for the Steenland family and for Casey's 4 children.

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