Baby Brynn welcomed home after heart transplant

By Sara Story - bio | email

HENDERSON, TX (KLTV) - The East Texas infant, known as Baby Brynn, is finally home in Henderson after spending the first eight months of her life in a Dallas hospital. Brynn was born with a congenital heart defect and received a heart transplant in May. The Lewis family celebrates Brynn's homecoming, and said it's the community that made their journey home possible.

It's a welcome sight. Baby Brynn is back at home. "I thought, 'She is going to grow up in this hospital. We are never going to leave this hospital,'" said Amy Lewis, Brynn's mom.

Amy spent eight and a half months in Dallas before she could bring her baby girl home. Brynn's dad, Scott, and brother, Brady, commuted from Henderson to Dallas on the weekends. "I'm just really happy that she's back home, because since I was born, I've been wanting a sister, and it's finally come true," said Brynn's brother, Brady (8).

"The Lord has a plan, and this is part of it, right here," said Brynn's dad, Scott.

Brynn was born with a congenital heart defect. "Basically, you are supposed to have four chambers in your heart, and she only had three. The Aorta was really tiny. She had a leaky valve," said Amy. Brynn was placed on a heart transplant list and received her new heart on Mother's Day.

After twelve weeks of recovery in Dallas, the Lewis family brought Brynn home. "We can be a family. If we want to cuddle up in the same bed, we can," said Amy.

Amy and Scott say they couldn't have made it home without support from the East Texas community, who raised $60,000. "I knew that people would be concerned and pray for us and help, but they have turned out and done so many things. Things that I probably don't even know about yet," said Amy.

The family is happy at home, but said the journey isn't over yet. Brynn must take ten medications a day, travel to Dallas for follow up procedures, and when she's a teenager, a second heart transplant is a possibility. "And when that next transplant comes we will just do the same thing we did the first time. We had God's faith," said Scott.

Brynn will be returning to Dallas this week and is scheduled for surgery on Thursday. Doctors will remove the feeding tube from her nose and insert one in her abdomen.

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