Longview Tops Low Cost List

Longview is the fourth least expensive place to live in America. That's according to a new survey by ACCRA, a non profit research organization.

ACCRA based their findings on six categories; groceries, housing, utilities, transportation, health care, and goods and services. In the first three categories, Longview had it's biggest gains. Grocery items were 87% of the national average. Housing came in at 76.4% and utilities finished up at just 77.1% of the rest of the country.

Longview Economic Development Corproation Director John Stroud says this survey can help him attract more jobs and businesses to the area. "Large companies that use a lot of electricity, they can save a lot of money by operating here versus some of these other areas with high costs."

On the list of the least expensive, Seguin, Texas took the top spot, followed by Joplin, Missouri, Fort Smith, Aarkansas, then Longview/Marshall, and finally, Victoria,  Texas slips in at number five. All in all, Texas did very well. Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio all had costs of living below the national average. Tyler is also less expensive than most of the country. Smith County received an index of 93.1, about seven percent below average.