Dog days held at Longview pool

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By Bob Hallmark - bio | email

LONGVIEW,TX (KLTV) - The blistering heat of August has us heading to the pools with friends to cool off, but today at one east Texas pool it really was the dog days of summer. For the 7th year, the Longview Swim Center devoted the last pool day of the summer, to dogs, in the annual dog days of summer event.

"We're wrapping the season up and it's a time when people can bring their pets out, bring their dogs out and actually get in the water with them and have a little fun just to change it up a little bit," says city of Longview recreation programs director Seth Pyle.

The dogs were big and small, but all had their run of the place. "Oh he's loving it he's jumping in a swimming around so we're hoping he'll sleep all night," says dog owner Ray Simpson.

"The bigger dogs have more fun than the little dogs, so maybe the big dogs are having more fun than others," says Tabitha Howe, who brought her dog marshmallow.

The normal rules of no running or jumping were waived. "My dogs love its a time when I just get out and have fun this is chance for then to cool off in the southern heat," says dog owner John Fruge.

Aside from brief minor territorial disputes, all dogs seemed to enjoy themselves. "The humans run out of energy pretty fast I think the dogs could go all day," says Simpson.

Owners say today at least, it was good to be a dog.

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