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05/28/03 - Tyler

East Texans Question Tricky Circus Tickets

The Better Business Bureau and the East Texas Shrine Circus are upset at what they believe to be a deceptive marketing ploy. Some East Texas businesses have received a letter and a pair of tickets for an upcoming "Sun-Shine Circus" in the mail.

Officials with the Better Business Bureau say the tickets are misleading. On the tickets, the word "shine" appears in bold print. Meanwhile, the word "sun" is written off to the side in small letters. Members of the East Texas Shrine Circus say the tickets are playing off the "Shrine Circus" name.

"I think there was definitely an intent to misrepresent," says Kay Robinson with the Tyler Better Business Bureau. "(It appears there) was an intent to make people think this was the Shrine Circus, so, in that regard, I think it's very deceptive."

The East Texas Shrine Circus says the SunShine tickets are similar to their tickets in color and size. The SunShine circus is scheduled to come to Tyler in August.

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