Marshall Church On Lookout For SARS Symptoms

It's a bit of a nervous time for anyone who came into contact with the visiting group at a Marshall church. They've been notified to watch out for symptoms, in case they contract the illness. The unidentified Lufkin woman with SARS-like symptoms, was a guest at the Lighthouse United Pentecostal Church on Highway 43 in Marshall on May 23rd. Around 40 people attended the performance, and after the woman reported her symptoms, the Harrison County Health Department notified the church that there was a possible danger of infection. The minister of the church sent notices to all the people who attended that night. If other cases occur, a local hospital has prepared a decontamination area, where people will be treated. For many locally, the most immediate concern is the thought of a possible outbreak. The illness has a 10 day incubation period, and all of the people who were in close proximity to the victim are being kept in close contact with an area hospital.