"Mosquito Magnet" Helping in West Nile Fight

If you've spent any time outdoors you know the mosquitoes are back -- And this year, more than ever, there is a danger from West Nile Virus.

One Tyler family wants something done about the mosquito problem at their home. So, animal control is helping them out with a "mosquito magnet."

"We've tried everything to fight against these mosquitoes, but it is impossible," says homeowner Joe Muniz.  They're a tiny enemy that wages war every morning, and every evening.

"You come outside and youi're attacked pretty much immediately," he says. Joe asked the city for help.

Chris Lennon of the Smith County Public Health District says, "We treated, and three days later we came out, set up the machine, ran it for a few minutes and the samples we got were Asian Tigers."

It's called a salvage yard behind the Munizes home, though they say it's just a dump. And Chris Lennon says it's a source of mosquitoes.

"I would say they were probably breeding here,"Chris says.

That's why it's the perfect place for the Mosquito Magnet.

"With this machine here, what it does is it releases CO2, which will attract the females because they think they're coming forward for a blood meal."

Carbon Dioxide is what we exhale, that's what mosquitoes are attracted to.

"They're very aggressive biters. They're daytime biters," Chris says, explaining why they're dangerous.  The Asian Tigers can carry the spreading West Nile Virus.

The Mosquito Magnet is just a drop in the mosquito bucket, but by having it in their backyard, the Munizes are helping everyone stay aware, and know where West Nile might be.