Field Goal Smackdown

Randy Rumfield wants to be a professional kicker.  Before he could take on the pros, he had to beat the 7 Sports guys.  Rumfield challenged Ryan and Coleman to a field goal kicking contest.  There were five kicks.  Ryan and Coleman both had a chance to match Rumfield at each station.

The kicks were from 20 yards out, 25 yards from the left and right hash, and 30 yards from the left and right hash.  Rumfield made all five kicks.  Ryan made 4 out of 5, but Coleman bailed him out after his only miss.  The Smackdown was even, so they needed a tiebreaker.  The deciding kick was from 35 yards.  Rumfield made it easily.  Coleman's kick fell just short, then Ryan followed wide left.

"It wasn't really fair," said Rumfield.  "I actually played in college and was a part of a championship team. So I've got some experience and some years under my belt."