Two-a-Days Tour: Van Vandals

By Ryan Peterson - bio | email

VAN, TX (KLTV) -  Last season it was a new stadium for Van.  This year it's a new head coach.  Jared Moffatt replaces Brady Pennington, who moved after eight successful seasons.

"We've always had a Van tradition my whole life." said running back Michael Terry.  "Coach Pennington's been the coach here. And we've had a lot of tradition. He's (Moffatt) come in and tried to shake things up, but it's for the better."

Coach Moffatt brings an exciting brand of football to Van.  The players say they're excited about throwing the football more in 2010.  There's still a lot to learn before the season opener two weeks from Friday.

"We're definitely catching up," said quarterback and receiver Tory Parsons.  "He's (Moffatt) keeping it simple for us. Everyone's learning as fast as they can."

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