Longview city council bans K-2

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LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - Thursday night, the Longview city council voted unanimously to adopt an ordinance to ban the sale of K-2 within the city limits.

Law enforcement asked for the ban on K-2, which is sold over the counter at tobacco shops and convenience stores. K-2 is a synthetic copy of marijuana and is already causing its share of problems for those who abuse it.

"People who want to take the edge off from work of whatever go home and burn some K-2," said Nick Enos, a K-2 buyer. "I don't see what the problem is."

Jeremy Tidlwell, who owns the Glass Dragon store, told KLTV 7 "I think before they ban anything they need to do some more investigation and then see exactly what it is they're trying to ban."

No one knows exactly what K-2 does or how it will effect people who use it, and there may be evidence that it can cause heart problems.

"[It is] a substance that has PCP like reactions when we're already dealing with PCP on the streets," said Longview Police Officer Kevin Brownlee.

Recently one officer had a wild encounter with a K-2 user.

"We had an incident two weeks ago in which a subject had smoked K-2 , had a bad reaction to it, dove through a plate glass window, then ran down the street on a Saturday assaulting several neighbors," said Brownlee.

But proponents of K-2 say its legal, and they are not doing anything wrong.

"I think it's pretty hasty," said Tidwell. "It makes no sense. I don't see how they've come up with enough evidence to ban it."

"It is an unknown factor the proponents for K-2," said Brownlee. "[They] can't exactly tell you what the real effects of K-2 are because I don't think they really know...We're not trying to be big brother, or supervisor, but we want to provide some element of public safety for the public."

But, those who buy it, don't want that right taken away.

"I see no point in banning it," said Cody Jenkins, a K-2 buyer. "I've used it myself and I've had no problems with it."

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