East Texas Marines welcomed home have something in common

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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Two more Marines returned to East Texas for 21 days of 'R and R', and were pleased to see many flag-bearing folks waiting for them.

Justin Oller and Justin McGinnley have been serving in Afghanistan for the past seven months and, the welcome committee was just in time.

It has been a busy week for the Welcome Home soldier group. They have been to Tyler Pounds Regional Airport three times so far and will go one more time before the week is out. Around 80 people lined the airport waiting area, much to the surprise of the 'Justins.'

"I didn't expect it," said Justin McGinley. "I was like, 'Awww…geez.'"

"I heard they did it," said Justin Oller. "I didn't expect this many people. Just the way the war is being portrayed…people not supporting it…it's good to know people do."

"It's just awesome to have this many people to be supporting him and words just aren't enough to say thank you," Justin Oller's mother said.

Justin Oller's girlfriend, Karli Welch, became his fiancé just three days ago. It's pretty obvious they'll be spending time together, but what are the plans?

"I have no idea yet…so much time…I'm not used to it…It's good seeing green, though, " said Oller.

"I don't know…go to a Rangers game?" Karli said.

Oller's mom, Tammy, is just happy to spend a little time with her son.

"Thank you to everybody for their prayers because that's what got him through…and for all the phone calls and letters and care packages," she said.

The Welcome Home Soldier's group put smiles on both the Justins' faces and will probably accomplish the same feat on their last welcome of the week with another soldier named Justin.

After their leave, Justin Oller ships out to Camp Lejuene in North Carolina where he will await further orders. After visiting his dad in Canadian, Texas, Justin McGinley has to finish out his three years.

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